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February 12, 2024

This Month at City View: December

This will be the new one stop shop for City View students and parents. This article will be updated regularly, with new information about what is happening at City View, important dates, and notes from the office.

Important Dates and Information:

December 21st: Last day of classes before Winter Break/Pajama Day

January 3rd: Return to classes

January 12th: End of Semester

In the case of a late start, school will start at 9:50 AM and will end at the same time.

For weather related closures, parents can find announcements on KCRG’s website or SMS parent notifications.

Infinite Campus Automated Attendance Calls are activated, parents will receive a call if students who are tardy or absent. Even if your student is in the building but not in their scheduled class, you will receive a call. After receiving a call parents are encouraged to talk to their student and check infinite campus, and then call City View if the absence needs addressed or corrected.

Please also remember students are responsible for charging their chromebook and coming to school with all of their required materials.

Link to Nutrislice lunch menus:

December 4-8th:

Every Monday and Wednesday,students can choose to go to the YMCA to play volleyball, basketball, and more. (Pictured to the left)

On Tuesday, students listened to project pitches from community partners. These projects ranged from making a podcast with Tanager to working alongside the Cedar Rapids Government to create more sustainable solutions for the city. Ask your student what project they chose!

Also on Tuesday, students Tashi Fields, Gabi Pedroso, and Sira Doumbia all played JV basketball for Washington, at Washington, against Cedar Falls, with a final score of 56-44 with Washington coming out on top. Another City View student, Angie Troh, played varsity basketball for Jefferson, with that game ending in a 44-32 score, with Linn Mar winning.

This Thursday, a Juvenile Court Services Supervisor by the name of Julie Martin (pictured to the right) came and talked to some students about the Judicial Court System, as well as how the courts respond to juveniles illegal infractions. She walked through the types of risks that students experience and what leads down the path of criminality. She also described the community based services for students or people who are at risk to commit a criminal offense. Examples include, Four Oaks and Tanager Place. This event was organized for City View students by City View student Finn Anderson.

On Friday, City View’s robotics team, the Robo Reapers had a meet at Veterans Memorial. They won 3 out of their 5 matches. They have another match on Tuesday, December 19th, also at Veterans Memorial. (Pictured to the left)





December 11-15th

On Tuesday, teachers and students discussed how the grading system will work because the end of the semester is coming up which means grades will be finalized soon. Students are being encouraged to turn in missing work and get their grades up before they become final.

Announced on Wednesday, the free afternoon time will become more structured, including clubs and project work time. Everyone signed up for what clubs they would like to be involved in. Students with multiple I’s or F’s will already be scheduled for support in the classes they need to improve in.

City View students have been working with Metro students at the Veterans Memorial on a World War 2 (not 11) exhibit. The exhibit is about rationing and the sacrifices people made at home in Cedar Rapids while the war was being fought in Europe. The exhibit needs standard sized cans and is asking if students can bring in washed and labeless cans.

This Wednesday, one of City View’s staff members, Erik Sherard’s son, played in the National championship in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Iowa Western Reivers, obliterated East Mississippi Community College 61-14. 

Thursday, students faced off against each other. Washington visited Jefferson where students Tashi Fields, Sira Doumbia, and Gabi Pedroso of Washington, played Angie Troh in a basketball game ending 53-48 with Jefferson winning.

Finally, on the last day of school before winter break, December 21st, students have planned a school-wide party in the afternoon. They have created a list of all the supplies and snacks they would like for the party. Here is the link to sign up to bring supplies: Link


December 18-21st

This week marks the first official week of projects! Students signed up for what projects they would like to participate in recently. During the afternoon time students have begun working on said projects. Ask your student what project(s) they are involved in.

On Wednesday, students were invited to watch Moulin Rouge at the library in the Whipple Auditorium. The movie was watched during the afternoon time, ask your student if they watched, and if so what they thought.

Finally, because it is the last day before break, after lunch Thursday was spent doing crafts, watching movies, and more. Have a good break and happy holidays!

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